Supporting Process

The support process which is managed by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research provides a collective presentation of the KLIMZUG projects to the public. Furthermore, it facilitates the communication among the seven joint projects as well as the overall exchange with other interested parties, especially from business.

The KLIMZUG support process within the Cologne Institute for Economic Research encourages the exchange between the regional KLIMZUG networks by overarching workshops and conferences, such as the kick-off event in July 2009 or the status conference in November 2011. 

To increase public awareness of the KLIMZUG funding activity and its related research topics, it is recurrently presented on national and international events. Furthermore, the support process provides a variety of information material which is produced in cooperation with the KLIMZUG networks. These materials include a quarterly newsletter that reports on news and activities among all KLIMZUG projects as well as a brochure presenting all seven networks in an appealing way. The support process is also responsible for the corporate website. Immanent intensive and confiding cooperation with the projects enables the support process to identify interregional and multi-focus aspects. These issues contribute to the preparation of the KLIMZUG advisory board meetings and the support of the sponsor – the Federal Ministry of Education and Research as well as the Project Management Agency within the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

There is also own research activity of the support process, in particular two national surveys in 2011. They strive to elicit adaptation needs and current adaptation activities in economy and administration. Results are supposed to give information about the opportunity of transfering existing measures of adaptation to other regions as well as to enable assessing new ones. The KLIMZUG networks will receive the study results.


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