KLIMZUG-Nordhessen - Regional Network for Climate Change Adaptation - Northern Hesse

"KLIMZUG-Northern Hesse", the transdisciplinary network for climate adaptation in the model region of northern Hesse will develop, implement and test structures, institutions and procedures for the adaptation to climate change.

Regional Network for Climate Change Adaptation - Northern Hesse

Project Objectives

The research-practice project aims at close cooperation between researchers, local enterprises, political decision-makers, other social groups and administrations. The KLIMZUG-Northern Hesse network, consisting of 18 research- and nine complementary practice-oriented projects intends to identify regional and urban vulnerabilities in the sectors of natural resources (agriculture, forestry and water-management), transport, tourism, education, health care and energy. Furthermore, researchers from the social sciences (law, politics, economy and psychology) will enhance the development of applicable and sustainable solutions for regional decision-makers and stakeholders, as well as the establishment of a common view on the challenges. As part of the core innovations a transfer of the developed solutions into regional economic clusters and local authorities is intended. Therefore Climate Adaptation Officers (KAB) and Climate Adaptation Managers (KAM) will be appointed. Results of the project will also be distributed via training courses and conferences within the Climate Adaptation Academy (KAA). In addition to these local activities an international transfer partner (Waldviertel / Austria) is part of the network.

Project Partners



University of Kassel


Northwest German Forest Research Station


Fulda University


Regional Council Kassel


Regionalmanagement NordHessen GmbH


MoWiN.net e.V.


deENet GmbH


Administrative District Kassel


Limón GmbH


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  • Marcus Steffens

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